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  • May 2014

India is set to make its mark in the world cycling circuit with the Northern Escapes’ Manali Khardungla Cycling Championship â€\" 2014 Whereas in countries like Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherland, USA people are crazy about cycling as a sport, India had till sometime back, completely lacked taking interest in the sport. But, recently there has been a sea-change in the interest levels and more and more people have taken up cycling on a regular basis. Northern Escapes brings India’s first ever cycling championship to India this year in July (5-13 July).


Mr. Gaurav Schimar, Founder, Northern Escapes said, "The Manali-Khardungla Cycling Championship is a test of ability and endurance where the cyclists are not only pitched against each other, but also against the sheer elements in surreal surroundings in this high-altitude region. Each year, hundreds of cyclists from across the world cycle on this route, but this is the first time a race is being organised on this circuit. With the times to come, this race is aimed to become an international event, with cyclists from across the globe participating in it. This race is to encourage and ensure that we can put India on the global cycling circuit."

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