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Mystical Wildlife experience with Forsyth Lodge
  • April 2019
India is naturally blessed with national parks and wildlife  reserves  which are inhabited by the most vivid flora and fauna. India’s natural prowess-its dense forests, green hills, fresh streams, flower-filled valleys and bamboo thickets double up as a natural habitat of rare plant and animal species.

Forsyth Lodge, situated in Satpura Tiger Reserve welcomes responsible travellers, adventurers, naturalists, ecology and wildlife enthusiasts or simply individuals looking to escape the mundane and experience something raw and real. An inspiring eco-lodge  hidden in dense deciduous forests with a unique wilderness experience on the edge of the buffer zone of the Satpura Tiger Reserve. It’s a glimpse into the untouched and boundless eco world the way it was always meant to be. One also gets to see different flora and fauna through 4 different safaris like jungle safari, dusk drive, canoe safari and walking through the jungle which is one of the best ride to go close enough to explore wildlife.

Forsyth Lodge is perched in the midst of 44 acres of breathtaking wilderness, at the end of the Satpura Tiger Reserve. Drenched in the glory of the central highlands sunset, the enigmatic landscape surrounding of the lodge will  witness your blissful Forsyth Lodge homecoming. By partnering with park authorities at Satpura Tiger Reserve and the local community, they leave no stone unturned to curate a bespoke wilderness experience that suits every need.

Great adventure runs in spirit carrying forth the legacy of James Forsyth, and aim to create a sanctuary for lovers of the wild, responsible adventure seekers and determined storytellers. Forsyth Lodge was the first tourism lodge in Satpura with the vision of using tourism to engage and give back to the communities around the Satpura Tiger Reserve. The people from relocated tribal villages are the staffs who maintain sustainable tourism practices in the national park and its buffer zone with a strong belief of the power to conserve nature  should reside in the hands of the people to whom it truly belongs.

The 12 mud cottages, traditionally built by the locals-giving a substantial boost to the natural and cultural heritage of the region provides a discreet sense of luxury,with an open rooftop that overlooks nature’s most surreal palette- a place where sights and sounds of the wilderness unite. Sleep in, as you gaze at the sky or simply watch the beauty of nature unfold as birds fly above or animals pass by. The cottages surround a central swimming pool, perfect for a quick dip or a leisurely swim.

The entire Forsyth Lodge property is built using natural resources- cob, husk and cow dung, with minimal to no use of concrete in an effort to reduce environmental impact as much as possible and  has been executed with the help of  local community. Only 4 acres out of the 44 acres has been developed for lodge and the remaining land restores in its former pristine glory.

From embarking on the famous Forsyth trail, to full day safaris will offer crafted experiences for everyone to enjoy. Junior Rangers Programme provides a certified course to explorers of all ages, giving them an enriching insight into the ways of the jungle. The Buffer Zone Campsite is the perfect place to unwind right in the heart of nature after an adventurous safari at dusk.

Every member at Forsyth Lodge can bring something unique to the table while they awaits you  for a mystical adventure.

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