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CC TEA -Naturally caffeine- free pure Lemongrass Tea
  • July 2014

CC Tea is a naturally caffeine-free instant lemongrass tea with a subtle citrus flavor and a soothing aroma. It brews into a radiant green tea that is light, clean, zesty and tangy. Derived exclusively from Cymbopogon Citratus, CC Tea is 100% organic, natural and pure.

Also known as Fever Grass, Cymbopogon Citratus is a type of lemongrass that is highly therapeutic. It is rich in good antioxidants and displays an impressive range of pharmacological activities. It is an ancient remedy against anxiety, stomach ailments, fever, flu, chest congestion, nausea and is also used for regulating menstrual cycles or managing cramps during monthlies. It lends a powerful cleansing and purifying action to our body's natural detox systems.

While CC Tea can be enjoyed hot or iced and at anytime of the day or night; it is most beneficial as a chilled booster in the mornings, as a digestive aid after meals and for flushing out toxins after a workout. It helps alleviate anxiety and relaxes you into achieving deep sleep, so tuck yourself in bed with a steaming cup for the perfect wind down after a long day.

 Every CC Tea bag comes with an anecdote or interesting fact as well as a photograph of something unique to Manipur. With every dip, the world will discover a little bit more about the land of jewels.

Price: Rs.179/ for the 25 teabag pack.

Availability: CC Tea is available at and

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