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FOLKLAND, International centre for folklore and culture,
  • October 2014
FOLKLAND, International centre for folklore and culture, an institution for the promotion of folk arts and culture was established under Indian Societies Act in 1989. The main philosophy guiding the institution is to delve deep into Kerala’s cultural roots and preserve its varied heritage for posterity. It strives to study the folksongs, dances and other performing arts of Kerala. Folkland has passed through various stages of growth especially in the field of performance, production, exhibition, documentation and research. Folkland organizes workshops, Seminars and festivals in Kerala and outside 
During the last 16 years it has passed through various stages of growth especially in the field of performance, production, documentation and research besides the preservation of folk-art and culture.  Folkland functions as: An international Centre for folklore and culture As a Cultural Organization with clearly defined objectives and targets for research and promotion of folk arts.
Folkland has branched and reached far and wide into almost every nook and corner of the world. It has strived hard and treads the untrodden path with a clear motto of preservation and inculcation of old folk and cultural values in our society.  Folkland has a credit of organizing many a festival on folkarts, workshop on folklore, culture, linguistics etc.Seminars, discussions and symposia are also conducted and thus contributed in the process of re-kindling the folk lamps, which has shed streaks of light into our past treasure of knowledge.    Folkland has revitalized the old and extinct art forms like Chimmanakkali,  MangalamKali, Vannankoothu,    Kurathiyattametc with the assistance of Dept of Culture,Govt of India and SangeethNatak Academy, New Delhi.Folkland has veritable collection in the field of folksongs, Folk Art forms,riddles,fables myths etc which are in the verge of extinction recorder and kept in the archives for scholastic endeavors and posterity.  Folkland has already conducted workshops on Theyyam Costumes, myths, literature, tribal arts, Poorakkali, Ethnomusic, folk handicrafts etc.Besides its annual festivals, Folkland has a credit of hosting 17th Indian Folklore Congress at Trivandrum 23rd to 27th December 1996.  The main activities of Folkland falls under the performance, study and research on folklore.Folkland has more than 600 Artistes in our roll comprised of Theyyam ,ThidanmpuNirtham, PoorakkaliVelakali, Kolkali, Mangalamkali ,Oppana ,Daphumuttu, Kalaripayattu etc.
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