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Signature Tours new GSA - India for Insight Vacations
  • December 2014

Insight Vacations Announces New Appointment of General Sales Agent in India

Signature Tours by Creative Travel will promote Europe & US Tours for Insight

Insight Vacations ( ) has announced the new appointment of a General Sales Agent for its Europe and US escorted journeys. Signature Tours by Creative Travel. ‘Signature Tours’ is the outbound holidays division of Creative Travel, one of India’s most well-known and South Asia’s most recognized DMCs. Signature Tours was established in 2009. This new appointment will ensure that Indian customers will have access to luxury travel journeys across 40 European countries with specialist tour operator Insight Vacations.   Insight Vacations offers an exclusive collection of premium and luxury escorted tours & cruises, each celebrating the fine art of travel.

For over 35 years Insight has been designing the world’s finest escorted touring itineraries and are the experts in touring Europe, visiting more countries in Europe than any other operator. Insight is also the leading escorted tour operator in the Eastern Mediterranean, and also offers the same legendary high standards and perfectly planned touring itineraries to guests travelling to North America. With Insight Gold, guests can enjoy all-inclusive evening dining, sightseeing excursions and Signature experiences, and will stay in some of the finest hotels.  Variety and exclusivity are key characteristics of Insight Gold, so guests may sit down to a gourmet meal one night, a Freestyle Evening of unlimited choices the next, taste rustic country-cooking in an authentic bistro, and delightful dining at the hotel on other occasions. On many itineraries, Insight also offers Dine Around evenings for guests to dine as the locals from a selection of authentic local restaurants located close to their hotels.

Signature Tours by Creative Travel has gained the reputation of being amongst India’s finest premium travel company and have extensive experience in handling high value travelers.  As the name suggests, the very ethos of the company is distinctive and exclusive. ‘Signature Tours by Creative Travel’ is a brand that was created to offer a very special style and level of service to the discerning traveler, a traveler who wants nothing less than the best. ‘Signature Tours’ marks a statement of the company’s position as a specialist in the art of premium travel. Creative Travel has received the coveted World Travel awards 7 times, and most recently received the award for India's Leading Luxury Travel Agency" at the 2014 World Travel Awards Ceremony. Hailed as "The Oscars of the Travel Industry, World Travel Awards is acknowledged across the globe as the ultimate travel accolade, and recognises brands that are pushing the boundaries of industry excellence

Mr. John Boulding, Insight Vacations CEO said: “We are excited that Signature Tours will come onboard as our GSA to help us spread the word for our luxury tours and exciting itineraries for Europe, the Mediterranean, North America and Canada.  2015 is Insight Vacations Signature Year, and together with Signature Tours, we will present authentic - Signature experiences that are far beyond the run-of-the mill tourist fare. In 2015, our guests can enjoy Signature Hotels, Signature Dining, Signature Evenings and Signature Experiences, all hallmarks of an Insight Vacations journey, and it’s these moments that our guests will remember and talk about for years to come.

“India has a growing number of luxury outbound travelers who are seeking the best travel experience curated by experts so they can spend less time thinking about the details and more time appreciating their destination and meeting new friends. We are confident that Signature Tours and Insight Vacations will have a great synergy in presenting premium travel products to this group of discerning customers who will pay a premium price for top quality travel experiences,” said Nicholas Lim, President, The Travel Corporation (India).

”The Indian market has many fine players in the outbound space, however Insight Vacations will create a new segment of Premium & luxury group travel across Europe and the US, something that is missing from the Indian market so far. From Insight’s collection of Gold itineraries, for those looking for a step up in luxury and refinement, to their in-depth regional tours, off-the beaten track Country Road journeys, special interest or gastronomic holidays, we are excited to introduce such a wide range of itineraries and travel styles for our customers who seek authenticity and expert knowledge in their travel experiences,” said Sandeep Kapur, Senior Vice President, Signature Tours by Creative Travel.

Insight has always been about offering guests outstanding quality and comfort, where guests can comfortably enjoy the extra legroom, high-deck views and business class comfort of Insight’s 40-seat coaches, the best hotels and unbeatable service from local Tour Directors; and more importantly, each journey now includes a unique collection of engaging and authentic Signature Experiences that go far beyond run-of-the-mill tourist fare. Tour Directors are always on hand to ensure the trip is seamless and by sharing expert knowledge of destinations.

Bollywood star Lisa Ray, who has Indian and European ancestry, is an internationally acclaimed film actress, TV host, entrepreneur and humanitarian, has been appointed as the new Global Brand Ambassador for Insight’s Exotics and Gold Collections. Named one of the "10 Most Beautiful Indian Women of the Millennium" by the Times of India poll, she heightened her profile as an iconic figure in India before leaving for drama school in London and other opportunities around the world.  A world traveler, Lisa has lived in Paris, Milan, London and Los Angeles, and maintains residences in Mumbai and Toronto.  She visited Italy on one of Insight Vacations’ most popular trips: Italian Vogue and after having a first-hand experience of being able to deep-dive into the country’s culture while on tour, hopes to encourage more people to  travel overseas with Insight, to experience for themselves, a new perspective of premium guided vacations.

For a taste of Insight’s Gold Luxury journey in Italy with brand ambassador Lisa Ray, visit

Insight Vacations ( ) is the expert for Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean, visiting all but one of the independent states in these regions and covering more of Europe than any other tour operator. Insight Vacations also offers the same legendary high standards and carefully curated itineraries in North America, India, Bhutan, Nepal and Morocco. Insight guests enjoy more intimate groups limited to just 40 passengers, the services of an experienced Tour Director who acts as ‘travelling concierge,’ and expertly planned itineraries offering a range of Signature Experiences that provide a unique and revealing look into the history and culture of each destination. Guests also enjoy Signature Dining and Dine-Around Evenings and stay in select hotels that are centrally or scenically located.

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