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The Incredible India on three wheels - Tuk Tuk Challenge
  • November 2014
The Great India Tuk-Tuk Challenge was recently organized by Raj Hospitality Services and Hotel La Classic Bengaluru. It was a group of 12 Tuk-Tuks, UK Nationalities on their way from Chennai to Goa on 03rd November 2014. Mr. Raja Gopal Iyer, CEO, Raj Hospitality Services flagged off the driving challenge to Goa on 4th November 2014.
The Indian Auto rickshaw Challenge (also known as Rickshaw Challenge) is an international auto rickshaw rally self-styled as ‘an amazing race for the clinically insane’. The entrants use the ubiquitous Autorickshaw or Tuk-Tuk, workhorse of the urban east, to cross large portions of the Indian sub-continent in a matter of days. The simplicity of the Autorickshaw and the diversity of the landscape require ingenuity and heroic spirits from its participants. The Rickshaw Challenge currently has four distinct events. The most popular of them are the Classic Run and the Mumbai Xpress. Each of these two rallies is designed as an escapade to test the entrant’s levels of endurance and perseverance, as well as for humanitarian projects, but is essentially not geared towards racing or competition, maintaining the spirit of the amateur adventurer.
This is the shorter and lower impact of the two events, spanning roughly 1000 kilometres, across 12 districts and one Union territory. The daily stretches can be up to 200 kilometres long, and can be strewn with significant natural and human obstacles, ranging from densely packed urban sprawl to monsoon rains to uncooperative cows on the roadways. 
The route is within the southern Indian province of Tamil Nadu, and extends down the southern coast of India between the start lines in Besant Nagar Beach, Chennai to the checkered flag in Kanyakumari at the sub-continent's southern tip. The championship itself is composed of a series of activities along the route designed to challenge physical and mental agility, with points being awarded for their completion in addition to completing that day’s particular route.
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