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Give Wings to Your Aviation Dreams
  • May 2015
Speed Wings Aviation Academy: /Give Wings to Your Aviation Dreams
Speed wings aviation academy, a pioneer in aviation training, with two decades of legacy, experience and expertise got an endorsement from IATA and DGCA to provide training in cargo and DGR (dangerous good regulation). It is the only certified and authentic institute to give training in DGR. The IATA ratified Speed Wings to start their three new courses relating to DGA; IATA Unit load Devices, IATA Cargo Security Awareness and IATA Supply Chain and Transport Modes.  Spread wings; the ‘world's top ten award’ winner has been a premier circle member of IATA since last seven years. ‘Speed Wings’ has been giving authentic training in twelve different rudimentary aviation courses which are approved by IATA and DGCA. They are entrusted to give training for the courses in Cochin itself and the students will be felicitated with a certificate which has an international value affiliated by IATA and DGCA.
The aviation industry is growing each year substantially, so does the aviation careers. People are well aware about the opportunities in the aviation industry like, pilot, cabin crew, air traffic officer etc, but the aviation industry offers further opportunities in the commercial aviation department and ground handling departments which are always in need of professionally trained people; people are less aware about it. Presently, in airports, there is a great demand for professionals in passenger handling, cargo handling, dangerous and perishable goods handling.
Dangerous goods are solids, liquids or gases which can harm people, living organisms’, property or environment. In accordance with the aviation industry, dangerous goods comprises objects or material which can harm the health and safety of the passengers, other living beings or the flight itself. The air transportation of these materials can either be forbidden or restricted. Dangerous goods are sorted into 9 classifications. There is an international manual of laws and regulations by IATA in handling dangerous goods and transporting it to other countries.  IATA Dangerous Goods Regulation (DGR) manual is the global reference for shipping goods by air and the only standard recognised by airlines to ensure safety. 
Through the DGR, an effective training program and a network of accredited training schools, IATA ensures that professionals have the tools and resources to transport dangerous goods safely. Normally DGR training is provided by the airline companies by themselves and in India the training is available in Delhi Mumbai and Chennai. 
The speed Wings aviation academy is entitled to give training in 12 categories of DGR and has got an endorsement from IATA and DGCA for conducting the courses in full term and is the only one of its kind in Kerala.
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