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Wonderful Sabah
  • December 2016
  • Rajani A

Sabah, the world’s third largest Island is romantically   known   as the land below the wind, which lies below the tropical typhoon belt roughly 6 degree north of the equator and spreading across the northern tip of Borneo. This   Island’s seemingly endless beaches, rocky fore shores and coastal mangroves stretch for almost 1500km.

Kota kinabalu , the capital is the international gate way to Sabah, which is  less than a three hour flight from major south east and East Asian cities while   direct flights arrive from Kulalampur, Tokyo, Osaka, Shenz hen, Honkong, Seoul, Taipei, Kaoshiung,  perth,  Singapore, Jakartha, Manila,  Clark, and Brunei. Kotakinabalu   is perfectly positioned on a bay protected by Islands, and baked by forest rangers. This city offers a wide range of modern accommodation infrastructure with international standards in facilities. A visitor can discover age old traditions in the Sabah state Museum and in cultural villages. Or delight in nearby islands and beaches right on the city’s doorstep. A different Borneo is waiting in the villages or kampongs and Sabah’s infinite variety is not restricted to its natural treasures.

Sabah is a world of rare animals, birds, spectacular plants and endlessly varied marine life does indeed await you to discover in some of the world’s oldest rainforests and   the richly coral reefs.  Sabah’s natural world offers endless options for fun and adventure Like  climb one of the highest mountains in the region Mount Kinabalu  is the highest peak of Crocker range which is Borneo’s backbone, Mount Kinabalu is  both a treasure and a challenge. This fiercely majestic mountain known to the kadazandusanas Aki Nabalu or revered Ancestor is the crowning glory of Kinabalu Park. This became Malaysias first UNESCO World Heritage Site In 2000. Dive into the deep ocean at one of the world’s top dive spot or   go white water rafting or enjoy the leisurely round of golf are the other options. Cruise through the wet lands to see the strange proboscis monkey, meet orangutans in a sanctuary or in the wild and  go for bird watching or photography, You have a chance to live life in Borneo long house or simply indulge in a relaxing holiday at a luxurious resort. With distinctive heritage, culture and colorful festivals the diverse people offers a natural warmth and friendliness which makes visitors feel especially welcome.

Sabah is Malaysia’s most diverse state. Living harmoniously side by side for generations Sabah’s different ethnic communities still maintain their own distinctive culture. The largest indigenous ethnic group, the Kadazandusan consists of many sub groups or tribes whose customs and head gear make them apart. Typical of the harmony among different peoples, an open house welcomes every one regardless of race and religion is part of all major festivals. The Chinese community in Sabah celebrates the lunar New Year with a bang plus colorful lion faces and lavish festive food. The rungas of Kudat are famous for their skill in bead work and the costumes with bead work often tells a story usually about hunting in the olden days.

Scuba divers from all over the world are drawn to Sabah which is right in the heart of the world’s most diverse marine environment. Sipadan hailed as one of the world’s best dive sites offers an ever changing underwater spectacle including giant school of whirling baraccuda, turtles, astonishingly varied reef fish and colorful corals.

 Layang  attol located in the north west of kotakinabalu offers diverse unbelievable visibility of pristine reefs and a rich marine life where thousands of migratory birds nesting on the rocky land each year. Those who wish to merely relax in the gentle tropical climate Sabah will be a perfect destination. Exploring Sabah’s amaizingly varied food is another biggest adventure. The range of fresh sea food and tropical fruits and vegetables are hard to seen before. Although Bahasa Malaysian is the national language, English is widely spoken in Sabah.

Photo: A mesmerising sunset at River Sabah

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