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Angadipetty- Kerala Ayurveda Museum
  • January 2018
KARTER, Kerala Responsible Ayurveda Tourism Educational Resource that provides authentic scientific awareness to common folks about the true spirit and richness of Ayurveda initiated Angadipetty- Kerala Ayurveda Museum to cater information’s on Ayurveda in an interactive mode right from the beginning, 5000BC to the 21st century.
This responsible Ayurveda tourism initiative, is just been opened at Thekkady, the responsible tourism destination, for the travelers and tourists. The Museum which exhibits 180 different medicinal plants specious of Kerala, 64 different raw drugs herbarium and an interactive studio, is sure to be a prioritized travel itinerary of one hour duration that you can have at Thekkady. This will certainly be the most significant experience of God’s own country that one will carry. 
The Interactive studio here has been provided with descriptive frames, interactive visuals, models, samples and demos in 175 exhibits.
They also offer a 3 day programme which is conducted on a residential mode to help entrepreneurs in Ayurveda wellness  start ups to identify infrastructure requirements, spa design, HR mobilization, wellness treatment packages and product design, sourcing of therapeutic equipments and utensils, scientific and legal info on Ayurveda product sourcing and export.

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