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Polar Escapes ; Enjoy uncertainty with a quiet smile
  • April 2018

Every travel experience helps to change your outlook slightly, maybe travel is the only way to ease people into accepting everyone and situations, teaching you how to go with the flow.Sometimes, it’s a way to connect us with the elements of nature. Travelling sets people on a path towards the infinite vastness and abundance of the universe but it’s up to the traveler to choose how to traverse through this path. Bringing a state of mind which allows one to embrace uncertainty with a smile and live in the moment. Travel has bridged the gap in going from impatience to patience and through Travel we can open the door to our own Hearts and Souls.

To maximize Travel & Tourism’s potential as a Force for Good requires leadership, commitment, and action from all walks of life. Responsible tourism is defined as about showing respect, respect for the environment with a slogan don’t litter and don’t overuse resources, respect for culture, as learn about it, talk to locals and don’t wear behave inappropriately, and respect for people such as show interest, be polite to staff and tip as appropriate.

A Travelers responsibility starts even from the self control of throwing out the scrap through the windows of a train or bus. We can’t slip out from our greatest responsibility and every one of us have to do our own bit to preserve nature for the future generations. Nature tourism is another responsible travel to natural areas, which conserves the environment and improves the welfare of local people. Ecotourism is more focused on ecological conservation and educating travelers on local environments and natural surroundings, where as sustainable tourism focuses on travel that has minimal impact on the environment and local communities.

We had already traveled conquered, tamed and colonized most of the destinations in the modern world. While  living in an era of  soft touch  has been providing us chances for virtual tour any where around the globe still some places in the earth remains beyond the grasp of many ardent travelers, The Polar regions; Arctic and Antarctica. The South Pole is a continent at the end of the Earth and North Pole is a vastness of frozen waters surrounded by mainland. Out of the seven continents, except Antarctic regions have been permanently occupied by man. Fortunately, this is the only reason, Polar Regions are still existing without much destruction and attracting ardent travelers, Antarctic region is only accessible from November to March, while Arctic is from May to September, the summer season of the respective geographical areas.  

Our Earth is a fascinating ecosystem, and our greedy nature trespasses all nature resources for our own life on this planet. Arctic and Antarctica regions have a unique ecosystem. 

The Arctic is one of the most enigmatic regions on Earth which is filled with Glaciers and Icebergs and its flora and fauna is also equally importance for the survival of the world. If water and air are the two most important elements for the survival of life, then glaciers and icebergs can take their place at the top of the world's ecosystem as well.  

Travel to Antarctic and Arctic regions will be an eye opener and ultimately, this discovery of our inner self will change our attitude and life once and for all.

Rajani A

Executive Editor

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