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Wheelchair Users prefer Goa and Kerala for its Accessibility
  • February 2018

A survey conducted by Enable Travel displays the travel interests, decision-making process and areas of concern faced by people with disabilities, at the same time offers an insight to various tourism stakeholders to consider their interests in travelling and involve them as part of tourism activities.

The survey spoke to 90 people with disabilities across Wheelchair Users (30), Deaf (30) and Blind (30), from Mumbai and Delhi. Key factors highlight that people with disabilities have a deep desire to travel like everyone else. However, they have specific requirements and travel related barriers that need a differentiated approach.

The survey interviewed individuals who have taken at least two holiday trips in the past one year and highlighted different needs of people with different disabilities. 60% of the wheelchair users preferred visiting beach destinations like Kerala and Goa for its accessibility, while visually impaired preferred places that gave information’s in Braille. People with hearing impairments preferred to get informed through social media posts.

Debolin Sen, Head, Enable Travel said, “The need to explore the travel requirements of people with disabilities has been largely ignored.  It is time that we as a society stop overlooking the choices and desires of this segment and help them break free from the various physical, social, and attitudinal barriers they face as individuals. The survey to an extent highlights the need to explore the interests and attitudes of this segment of travelers and create awareness about the different barriers they face while travelling, through a focused approach”.

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