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Safety and security- the key for a sustainable destination
  • May 2018
During the past two decades Global travel has evolved dramatically, with ever escalating speed, distance, and volume. Recovery from the global financial crisis and the emergence of new source markets   paves the way to this considerable growth in the global tourism industry. The volume of travel has grown exponentially and International tourist arrivals increased.
Since enormous changes happened in all arenas of the World with an incontestable fact that safety and security issues also gained a much bigger importance in the last two decades in Tourism Sector. Safety and security become so important in the Age of Global Tourism due to terrorist acts, natural disasters, , political uncertainties, epidemics and pandemics.
As tourism became one of the largest industries in the world economy while considering the contribution to the GDP, number of people employed in the sector, extent of investments into the tourism industry etc. Due to these reasons also the safety and security issues gained a bigger and bigger importance.  Tourism is the industry of peace, which is true but there is a perceptible disparity and inequality in point of interactions and impacts. A wide range of changes and challenges in the world influenced the content of notion “safety and security in tourism”. 
Safety and security have always been an indispensable condition for travel and tourism. The consequences of travel extend beyond the traveler to the destination visited and the ecosystem. International travel and tourism can pose various risks to health, depending on the characteristics of both the traveler and the travel. Travelers may encounter serious health risks that may arise in areas where accommodation is of poor quality, hygiene and sanitation are inadequate.
Now the term Security has undergone a significant change. Instead a more or less passive factor  it is  now an active element of tourism and  an imperative to act in order to protect tourists and their belongings as well. Security and safety has become a complex multidimensional notion with a wide range of components such as environmental security, political security, public safety, health and sanitation, personal safety, legal protection of tourists, consumer protection, safety in communication, disaster protection, getting authentic information, quality assurance of services etc.  Because the geographic distribution of diseases is dynamic and influenced by ecologic, genetic and human factors, travel allows humans to interact with microbes and introduce pathogens into new locations and populations. The increased numbers of travelers and their spatial mobility have reduced geographic barriers for microbes and heightened the potential for the spread of infectious diseases that can negatively affect the tourism industry.
No doubt, Safety problems influence the tourists while choosing their destination. Answering the questions   about the tasks and responsibilities of the players in tourism Industry, including tourists in reducing menaces against tourists and their possessions as well as against people working in the industry and tourism infrastructure will lead to solutions and Implementation of remedial measures taken with immediate effect should keep the balance.

Rajani A
Executive Editor

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