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#IndiaLovesMonaco digital campaign
  • February 2018
The Monaco Government Tourist Bureau announced the launch of #IndiaLovesMonaco, a digital drive, that takes pride in welcoming all the love, showcased by Indian trendsetters, including Royalties, Industrialists, Celebrities, Youth Icons, Social Influencers and Journalists, to Destination Monaco. #IndiaLovesMonaco sets a digitally inspiring hashtag for Social Media portals, that is sure to communicate customized experiences of travellers who have already been or aspire to Visit Monaco.
If you are a traveller looking for indulgence, immerse in the splendour of the grand casinos, opulent hotels, world-class entertainment, luxurious spas, magnificent Grand Prix or the mega yachts, The Principality is a destination of your choice  to unwind in the diverse nightlife menu as Monaco is home to some of the most extravagant and glamourous clubs in the world. The country will never seize a chance to make it a memorable experience for you. The architectural delight here consciously adapts to all the sustainability measures to ensure that there is handover of a lovable heritage to our generations to come. Monaco is also about being responsible towards fellow people and nature.  The principality has always treasured its gardens and the greens. It has now reached a unique landmark with organic gardens springing up on its rooftops and terraces and has created one of the biggest private city farms in the world. With exotic settings, world-class hospitality and passion, Destination Monaco, has ideal venues and customization options to maintain the grandeur of Indian weddings, precious celebrations, as well as make your business events, a grand success!
A fairy tale by the sea, the Principality of Monaco is a luxurious strip located on the extremely picturesque French Riviera. The second smallest country in the world, but its reputation far exceeds the size. With 300 days of sunshine, it is a year-round destination where you get soaked in the lap of luxury and experiences that will leave you mesmerized, in the comfort and privacy befitting a world-class traveller. 

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