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‘Monument Mitras’ to adopt heritage sites & monuments
  • April 2018

Monument Mitra Heritage Project”  launched on the occasion of World Tourism Day, 27th Sept, 2017 was  began with 93 ASI ticketed monuments and has now been expanded to other natural and cultural heritage sites and other tourist sites across India. Ministry of Tourism in collaboration with Ministry of Culture and Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) launched this project to provide world class tourist facilities at the various natural/cultural heritage sites, monuments to make them tourist friendly, enhance their tourist potential and cultural importance in a planned  manner across the country.

The project primarily focuses on providing basic amenities that include cleanliness, public convenience, drinking water, ease of access for tourists, signage etc. and advanced amenities like TFC, Souvenir shop, Cafeteria etc.The project envisages that selected public sector companies, private sector companies and individuals will develop tourist amenities at heritage sites. They would become ‘Monument Mitra’ and adopt the sites essentially under their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity. They would also look after the operations and maintenance of the adopted site initially for the 5 years subject to review at any time.

The heritage sites/monuments enlisted are categorized as green, blue and orange on the basis of tourist footfall and visibility. As a part of project guidelines, it is mandatory for Monument Mitra, who is opting for a monument from green category to choose at least one site from either orange or blue category. The most competitive and innovative vision would be considered as the successful bidding entity. The interested parties selecting more numbers of monuments from orange and blue category shall be given higher weight age. The Interested parties may also opt for any other heritage site/monument or tourist site not mentioned in the above list, under the project and the unlisted tourist site will automatically considered under blue category.

The project focuses on active industry participation to ensure a sustainable model formulation. Resources for the capital and recurring cost is proposed through industry participation, through CSR or any other funding option subject to review and approval of Oversight & Vision Committee.

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