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Resurgent Kerala is all set to go…
  • September 2018

Blessing in disguise, but we have the mettle and ammunition

When floodwaters shattered God’s own country, the lives immersed in muddy waters, we tried everything we can, to raise our heads, and finally with the support of the world , off course with stains and scars we have succeeded..

Even though one of the darkest phases in Kerala’s recent history while the floods caused havoc and this pristine land witnessed one of the worst disasters it has ever seen didn’t dampen the spirit of hope and humanity.

Every ordinary people done extra ordinary roles and prove their mettle in handling adverse situations. They showed the real face of humanity through plunged into the rescue and relief operations during the grief time of their fellow beings.

Tourism, a major contributor to Kerala’s economy and a significant source of foreign exchange is one of the sectors deeply affected by the floods.  The floods left the tourism industry in a state of shock and disarray \" but only for a while. The tourism trade has played a commendable role in the rescue, relief and rehabilitation operations.

In order to recover from the setback, Kerala Tourism has drawn uptime bound action plans. Government has taken up the reconstruction and repair works of the roads on war-footing and primary connections have been established.

The situation on the ground is back to normal, there are more things which need our immediate attention. We need to boost confidence among people in the tourism sector, both in India and other major markets to boost the confidence of travellers. To reassure the world, Kerala Tourism is looking to get the state back on its feet before the winter holiday season kicks in and address the fears that have led global and domestic travellers to drop the state from their travel itineraries.

Kerala Travel Mart, the biennial Tourism Trade Fair, which showcases, Kerala’s entire tourism industry to the world will be organised in a befitting manner, bettering the previous 9 editions. Already, we have 595 international tourism buyers from 66 countries and 1400 plus domestic tourism buyers registered for KTM, which is starting from the 27th of this month.

Road shows will be other avenues that will showcase Kerala’s readiness to the world. Kerala Tourism have plans to exploring the possibility of organising the Boat Race League, which will help to send the message that our waters are safe reaffirming the belief that we are stronger together, God’s Own Country is all set to welcome the world.

 The state estimates that it could lose around Rs 5000 Crores from tourism revenues this year, with nearly Rs 3000 Crores accruing in losses due to booking cancellations. Meanwhile Kerala Tourism department has announced a 12-point plan largely concentrate on rebuilding of infrastructure and connectivity issues along with a damage control exercise on the brand image, it is also an opportunity to refresh and revitalize the state as a tourism brand.

Thanks to the effort of millions, to help Kerala get back on its feet. Kerala and its industry stake holders, thanking to the entire world from their bottom of hearts for the wholehearted support and help when they are in grief.

'Chekutty', the handmade doll born from the stained chendamangalam sarees  became  the Iconic symbol of Kerala's resilience and hope. Chekkutty remembers each of us the stories with the moral

“When things go wrong, then there are a hundred ways to make it right”. Chekutty brings us hope, confidence and love at the time of grief, despair and uncertainties and always remember us about the inner strength and courage.

Kerala is back on track. God’s Own Country is ready to welcome tourists once again.   

Executive Editor