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Keep the right position but Trendy
  • November 2018
Without keeping the tourists in motive mode to travel there would be no travel industry. It is a kind of important necessity for the industry to understand what attracts tourists to visit a particular destination. It is imperative to find out the new emerging trends of tourist’s taste and the kind of activity in which they are interested in. 
Now the Term Tourism and Travel also evolves changes like every aspect of life. It clearly maintains a purpose rather than merely a leisure segment. Since the growth of international tourism became unimaginable and it has also brought about rapid changes in terms of economic growth as well as decline. The wide spread growth not only resulted the globalisation of people’s movements but also contributed a vibrant industry with opportunities for millions of people. UNWTO's Tourism 2020 Vision forecasts that international arrivals are expected to reach nearly 1.6 billion by the year 2020.
Analyzing the trends & challenges is not an easy task. The diversified types of tourism are created from the experiences that travellers want to experience. Their experiences with adventure tourism, nature tourism, and cultural tourism have paved ways to new market niche for a different experience. Adventure Tourism, Medical Tourism, Mice Tourism, Volunteer Tourism, Sustainable Tourism, Responsible Tourism, Spiritual tourism are some of the emerging trends.
 With the immense  influence  of social media people are more searching for remote places than the well known tourists spots  and wish to get involved in different kind of activities than sigh seeing. Especially   the millennials mostly prefer this option because it gives them the freedom to do something innovative in their own style. At the same time instagram matters them. Since instagram has more than one billion users its good for the Industry to tap this platform. The tour operator is also venturing to new off-beat destinations. Of course it’s a good sign to the Industry which tackles the growing problem of OverTourism. Another stand alone sector in the Industry to be tapped is Food Tourism, since it has an important place whether people opt for luxury travel or budget travel. 
Tourism has an ability to reduce the gap between rich and poor in the social ladder through generating   socio-economic opportunities and help. Responsible Tourism sector plays a big role in this scenario. Sustainability challenge is a big task in this time and Tourism Industry could not remain indifferent from this.  Now it’s high time to consider any formulation on tourism and its role in the society and economy will be according to the right place and position in the economic planning and programming.

Rajani A
Executive Editor