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IndiaTourism plans to woo Millennials with Ayurveda
  • March 2018

As a part of new initiatives to increase tourist footfall the Union Ministry of Tourism plans to focus on wooing  millennials from across the world, by highlighting the cultural heritage of the country as a 5000 year old civilization. 

According to Minister of State for Tourism  Alphons Kannanthanam, As “Yogi of the Racetrack”the minute-long advertisement on yoga has received millions of  hits, the ministry have plan to launch advertisements on Ayurveda and Kaziranga  which will be translated into all global languages. Night Tourism is also in focus as an entertainment for tourists in the evening apart from night clubs and drinking.

The government had already identified different thematic circuits, such as the Buddhist circuit, the Himalayan circuits, the Spiritual Circuit and Rs 5,638 crore had been sanctioned for a total of 67 projects. 6.88 per cent of the GDP and 12.36 per cent of employment  which contributed a total of Rs 1.8 lakh crore to the total revenue is presently credited in the accounts of Tourism Industry. 


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