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Challenges Ahead...
  • December 2018

The world is rapidly changing in almost all aspects and as more countries enter in the race of global Tourism, advanced economies have recognized the growth opportunity in Tourism Industry and have already begun competing more strongly with all their resources.

Tourism markets have changed dramatically in recent years and over the past decade, tourism has continued to grow, at an annual rate of around 4%. Tourism is a phenomenon of wealth the more money people have, the more likely they are to travel. As the world becomes wealthier, demand for tourism also increases.

Even though the tourism sector gains increased importance for the economic development of countries around the world as the Largest Industry and the sector is undergoing significant growth worldwide, driven by high demand from emerging countries.


Now a day’s experiencing the severe adverse impacts of Tourism is on cards around the globe. In most countries, the institutional framework in which Tourism operates is still very complex. A regulatory framework with strong guidelines for tourism is the need of the hour in Tourism Industry. The absence of an ideal regulatory framework always makes the monitoring and regulating of tourism a difficult task.  It is high time to establish and implement concrete regulations which have given importance to the socio-cultural, environmental and economic dimensions with safeguards to ensure the sustainability of Tourism.


Since Tourism sustainability happens only with the continued involvement and integration of all stakeholders who benefit Tourism. Every time this process will be a challenge to the Governments either central or state and are often hesitant even to acknowledge the real picture.


Through Empowering local self-government institutions to be the pillars of democracy, enforcement of the code of ethics, action against violators and micro level destination management strategies with social audit can aid to ensure sustainable tourism. It is Important the reorientation processes achieve sustainability in tourism should be in the right track and all stakeholders should have the willpower to practice with models of Sustainable Tourism.

As the curtain of 2018 falls and  time for resolutions for better tomorrows it is the apt time for Tourism Industry players to think and about How might we map tourism needs of a destination in terms of Infrastructure and marketing,  accommodation, transportation, attraction and adopt new strategies to achieve Tourism sustainability.


Tourism is a tough, complex, multi-dimensional and highly competitive industry and since we all are aligning behind a common goal, each of us can work together to overcome the particular obstacles which the Industry face. We should have to do market research with an eye and to focus on revenue, rather than visitor numbers.

With the curtains of 2018 on its last glimpses, on behalf of everyone here at Tourism India Publications, I Wish  you  all a very productive and Happy New Year 2019!


Executive Editor