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The Summer Solstice 235 in Taiwan!
  • July 2018
The Taiwan Tourism Bureau, through the concept of brand management, organized myriad of international activities and events in the tourism calendar, known as “Time for Celebration - Taiwan Tourism Events”, launched of the “Summer Solstice 235” for the first time. The “Summer Solstice 235 (Fall in Love with me)“ refers to a series of activities that are a part of Taiwan’s summer festival campaign. Amongst these activities is "Chapter 2 of Taste Buds Travel the Tropic of Cancer - a Gourmet Voting Campaign", which was officially broadcasted on the "Taiwan Fun on the Tropic of Cancer” website ( ). The significance of “235” in the campaign name can be traced back to the fact that the Mandarin pronunciation of the numeric code “235” sounds like "fall in love with me", which can then be interpreted to mean "fall in love with Taiwan."
The online voting project consists of lists bearing the names of recommended delicacies belonging to areas that lie on the Tropic of Cancer, such as the East Coast, East RIft Valley, Ali Shan, Siraya, Southwest Cost, Penghu National Scenic Area and, Chiayi City and County. The recommended local cuisines include Aiyu, Xiancao, Cactus Ice, Mango Ice, Watermelon, Ginger Tomato, Alishan Coffee, Alishan Tea, Ruisui Fresh Milk and Smoked Food, all of which are very well-suited for the summer months. People were invited to participate in the online voting project by selecting which of these they feel best represents the “Summer Solstice Food” of Taiwan. Every voter is an active participant, and also has the chance to win beautiful prizes. Another event called “Happiness Frontline” that calls together all the people to come and join hands to celebrate and enjoy the “Champion Summer Solstice Food”was also  followed to the voting event,
 The Taiwan Tourism Bureau organised an "The Chapter 2 of Taste Buds Travel the Tropic of Cancer - Gourmet Voting Campaign " beginning from 1st May is the second event in the Summer Solstice campaign. The series of activities, that begins with the first event called “Famous Masters Share their Experiences“, invites the public to go online to vote, to share their thoughts, to pick out the best local food at 23.5 degrees north latitude, and to highlight the unique geographical features of the Tropics and the Subtropics, that are divided by the Tropic of Cancer. 
To identify the most popular summer cuisine and to encourage the maximum number of people to share and promote the most representative summer cuisine in Taiwan is the reason for online voting. The rules of the competition has the unique and inclusive feature of providing a chance of winning accommodation coupons and premium prizes to everybody, as long as the food one voted for wins the most votes. Taiwan Tourism Bureau hopes this kind of events will pique the interests of all citizens, who might be inspired to plan summer vacation trips to visit the Tropic of Cancer with their families.

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