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  • January 2019
New government of Maldives has proposed state budget for 2019 includes USD 6.7 million for tourism promotion, up from USD 2.2  million  of  previous year. Former parliamentarian  Mr.Ali Waheed  has been appointed as the new Minister of Tourism.
President of Maldives Mr. Ibrahim Mohamed Solih had  listed  two  pledges for the tourism industry, country’s main economic sector for the first 100 days .A minimum threefold increase in tourism marketing budget will be achieved within the first 90 days.
Since Maldives, the world-famous holiday destination struggles to cope up the challenge of increasing demand from budget travellers who choose guesthouses for their holiday Guest house symposium will be held within the first 30 days in office.
Minister of Tourism Mr.Ali Waheed has stated that a total of 144 resorts are currently being run in Maldives, as well as the ongoing projects of an additional 140 resorts. He added that 132 out of the additional 140 resort projects as being development projects and further adding that a total of 54 projects are currently in hiatus due to various complications.
Mt Waheed Waheed also highlighted that in addition to resorts, Maldives boasts 12 hotels, 508 guesthouses, 148 liveaboards, 308 travel agencies and 272 dive schools.