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  • February 2019

All the chef buddies of UDS Hotels Kovalam in Kerala, made a world record on the Valentine's day by making “A miscellaneous desert pudding” and of crumbs from sandwich cookies and puddings in combination with other ingredients.

The team made an amazing global village with desert pudding having garden, water body, parks, power station, stadium, mountains, cattle field, and houses.etc.

The event attracted huge crowds from different walks of life which includes dignitaries like Mr. E.M. Najeed, Sr. Vice President, Indian Association of Tour Operators & Member National Tourism AADvisory council, Dr.Rajasree Ajith, Director, Kerala Institute of Travel & Tourism studies, Mr. George Baby, commandant of Cost Guard and Mr. C.V Ravindran, Director, Trivandrum International Airport. Large number of differently abled students, employees from hospitality & Tourism sector, students from the catering colleges.etc witnessed the event.

UDS hotels made the pudding with 1610 kgs measuring 20ft x 20ft size of miscellaneous food materials converted into a pudding, and gave a message to the hotel and restaurant industry that if they can carefully plan and deliver the food production they can transform our food system and help the needy and poor section of the society.

Normally all hotels are throwing away the miscellaneous part of the dessert which actually tasty as the main desert. The real message out of this attempt is “Everything is not waste actually” if this mind let change.

The Chefs of UDS hotels took the pledge to support Zero Hunger and to transform our food systems to recreate and of course carefully plan and deliver the food production. “We realize the importance and we will not waste the Food”

The Judging committee of the “Universal Records Forum” declared the Certificates and the medal for the meeting the parameters and successful event.  


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