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  • June 2012

The Accor Group has been successful in setting and maintaining the high standards of employee management with the existing properties

Adding 1100 employees to the existing network of 3600 employees for the strategic hotel openings this year

Accor, the largest operator of hotels in Asia Pacific is on a re­cruitment drive to meet the needs of its growing network of hotels in India. The company will add 1100 employees to the existing staff strength of 3600 employees for the eleven hotels opening this year. Accor is determined to hire young versatile talented staff that could be trained to multitask at various levels and will be capable of supporting the broad portfolio of properties, further experienc­ing faster career advancement.

Commenting on the aggres­sive recruitment plans, Mr. Ash­win Shirali, Regional Director Human Resources, Accor India said “We have successfully add­ed efficient employees till today and with the introduction of new brands and opening of hotels by Accor in India, we expect to cre­ate significant job opportunities across all segments varying from luxury to upscale, mid-scale and economy to low-cost. Employees are the most important ambas­sadors of the hotel, therefore hiring the best people is crucial for operations.”

The success of Accor depends on the employees throughout the world. This is why Accor has implemented a global strong hu­man resource policy to motivate and retain talented employees to ensure quality service for the customers. Backed by power­ful, highly respected brands, its employees help create lasting interpersonal relationships and deploy their unique skills to de­velop and deliver solutions that create wellness.

Ashwin Shirali further added, “The objective for us is not only to fill the gap in terms of compe­tencies and to build the service to be delivered to the clients, but also to develop the people we have working for us to develop personally and to grow within the company. Accor’s vision is to be the most attractive employer in the hospitality industry by developing people and imple­menting an HR pact to attract and retain high performers with clear and well-organised career paths and transmission of know-how. We have been successful in im­plementing  a global strong hu­man resource policy to motivate and retain talented employees and ensure quality service for the customers.”

With five new hotels open­ing in April alone (a record for a single month in India) and a further six to open before the close of 2012, Accor is quickly developing a leading network in the country. By the end of 2012, Accor will operate 23 ho­tels (4,572 guest rooms) in India and remains on track to achieve its development ambition of 90 hotels by 2015.

Accor’s innovative HR prac­tices

include Novotel Move-Up which is a professional pro­gression that enables Novotel Hotel employees to experience faster career advancement ben­efiting from career development through a change of function, profession or country, while re­maining within Accor. Similarly, Pullman has a unique recruit­ment campaign - “The Pullman Person” that was launched with a campus recruitment road show designed with a sequence of events including brand presenta­tion, interactions, group discus­sions and personal interviews across various cities including, Noida, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Luc­know & Dehradun. As a part of Accor’s unique recruitment initiatives, almost all ibis Hotels in India have women HR Manag­ers, which has generated a lot of appreciation within the industry. Accor will continue to help cre­ate changes and developments within the hospitality industry and the advent of new roles and professions.

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