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Polar Escapes ; Enjoy uncertainty with a quiet smile
Every travel experience helps to change your outlook slightly, maybe travel is the only way to ease people into accepting everyone and situations, teaching you how to go with the flow.Sometimes, it’s a way to connect us with the elements of nature. Travelling sets people on a path towards the infinite vastness and abundance of the universe but it’s up to the traveler to choose how to traverse through this path. Bringing a state of mind which allows one to embrace uncertainty with a smile and
Women Entrepreneurs-New light in the horizon
A big area of research still remains empty in focus on the differences between female and male entrepreneurs with regard to several aspects, such as access to capital, personal characteristics and motivations. Entrepreneurial motivations among women are increasing in recent times due to various factors like government support, education among women, and urge for economic independence etc.  While looking around the globe Women hold more ministerial positions in tourism than in any o
New Dawn and never ending hopes...
New Dawn and never ending hopes... One more new year has just arrived. Another page of the calendar vanishes with despair and uncertainty for some, with happiness and profits for some others. New Year always comes with resolutions, hopes and targets to focus and work for achievements. According to latest report by UNWTO, International tourist arrivals grew by a remarkable 7% in 2017 to reach a total of 1,322 million. This strong momentum the highest in seven years is expected to co