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It’s High Time to review and resolve
The Tourism sector’s huge potential and its growth is said to be faster than the global economy as a whole, which begs the question, what can we do to make this Industry’s growth planned, and sustainable while also keeping it inclusive?As more and more people from all over the world discover this sector, the need ensure environmental safety and sustainability by the tourism industry grows. Forecasts for 2018 suggested that growth will continue and Travel& Tourism is expected to support m
Tourism Industry on the way of Trends
Every Industry possesses its own trends. Travel & Tourism Industry also maintain its special trends and it is always subject to transformations. Like the fashion Industry, a trend which has been hot for months could fade out and make comeback unexpectedly. Travel trend waves in the Industry weave new fabs along with our daily life in this digital era. Nowadays  travellers have a growing desire to experience new and emerging destinations in a much more sustainable way  whe
Safety and security- the key for a sustainable destination
During the past two decades Global travel has evolved dramatically, with ever escalating speed, distance, and volume. Recovery from the global financial crisis and the emergence of new source markets   paves the way to this considerable growth in the global tourism industry. The volume of travel has grown exponentially and International tourist arrivals increased.Since enormous changes happened in all arenas of the World with an incontestable fact that safety and security issues also gained