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Global trends matter to shape the Travel & Tourism Industry
 Globally our daily work and all other aspects of life across all Industries are on the track of changes. The future of the Travel and Tourism Industry would be shaped by the forces which converge the changes around the world. The Technological political socio-economical and global demographical changes are made a powerful impact on this Industry.  Some areas of the Tourism landscapes are turned in new directions through the expectations among consumers as the reasons for obl
Cultural promotion and Exchange of international co operation
Today Tourism has marked its significance in both social and economic growth and International Tourism is a major concern for all the governments across the globe. As we know from history, Travel has continued to grow since the men start to begin to travels long distances in search of food and water and often for clothes as a part of his survival. The purpose of Travel has changed from the immediate necessity of survival to the reasons like trade, economic gain, war, migration and other
Challenges Ahead...
The world is rapidly changing in almost all aspects and as more countries enter in the race of global Tourism, advanced economies have recognized the growth opportunity in Tourism Industry and have already begun competing more strongly with all their resources. Tourism markets have changed dramatically in recent years and over the past decade, tourism has continued to grow, at an annual rate of around 4%. Tourism is a phenomenon of wealth the more money people have, the more likely they