Storii by ITC Hotels Ventures into Uttarakhand with a Riverside Retreat

ITC Hotels continues its strategic growth trajectory with the signing of Storii Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. Poised on a hillside, Storii Rishikesh promises mesmerizing vistas of the river from its elevated perch. Scheduled to open its doors by 2026, Storii Rishikesh is poised to emerge as a scenic sanctuary in the region.

Nestled within an idyllic setting merely an hour’s drive from Rishikesh, this 55-key property offers well-appointed, spacious rooms, including suites adorned with private plunge pools. Boasting banquet facilities, diverse dining options, and an array of recreational amenities, Storii Rishikesh beckons guests to immerse themselves in tranquillity amidst its picturesque riverfront backdrop. Presently, ITC Hotels operates 9 properties and has a pipeline of 4 across various brands in Uttarakhand.

Mr. Anil Chadha, Chief Executive of ITC Hotels, commented, “Storii by ITC Hotels is expanding its footprint across India. With our brands Welcomhotel, Fortune, and Welcomheritage already deeply rooted in this vibrant landscape, we eagerly anticipate the launch of Storii Rishikesh in Uttarakhand. Given the growing emphasis on wellness and immersive guest experiences, Rishikesh has emerged as a favoured destination for both domestic and international travellers. From adventure sports to moments of serenity, and hosting intimate gatherings, Storii Rishikesh is poised to cater to a spectrum of needs.”

Mr Piyush Aggarwal, Director of Alokik Ganga Pvt. Ltd., expressed enthusiasm, stating, “In recent years, Rishikesh has witnessed a remarkable surge in its allure as a premier leisure destination. Our collaboration with ITC Hotels adds an exciting dimension to its ongoing growth and popularity. With ITC Hotels’ expertise in delivering exceptional service, culinary finesse, and unparalleled hospitality, Storii Rishikesh is destined to become a coveted retreat in the years ahead.”

Storii represents a curated selection of boutique properties, meticulously designed to fulfil the evolving desires of global travellers. Comprising intimate-sized properties in the premium segment, Storii by ITC Hotels can be found in both anticipated and unexpected destinations—be it awe-inspiring landscapes or sites steeped in history, pristine beaches or adventure-filled jungles, serene valleys or folklore-rich deserts. Each property promises a distinctive narrative, ensuring that the Storii brand weaves tales unlike any other.

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