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A Story at Every Turn in Beverly Hills
With its central location, warm climate, beautiful parks, acclaimed hotels, fine dining, health and wellness offerings and storied past, the city Beverly Hills is the destination of choice in Southern California. More than 100 years since Beverly Hills grew from a lima bean farm, this picturesque and walkable city has become the crown jewel of greater Los Angeles. Scratch the surface of many current Beverly Hills attractions to discover part of the city’s rich history. Once home
Karnataka’s Nandavana
Udupi, 60 km north of Mangalore, Karnataka has been rightly described by Sarojini Naidu, India’s famous poetess as ‘Nandanavana’ (garden of pleasure’). It is renowned for its rich cultural heritage and literary traditions and is also one of the most sacred spots in the country. The Vaishnavite coastal town is the birth place of the 12th century saint Madhawacharya, who set up eight sanyasi matts. The famous Krishna temple situated in the heart of the town is a celebrated place
Two sanctuaries , Eravikulam & Chinnar both are completely different for the visitor angle but clubbed together. While Eravikulam is contiguous with the ‘Mudis’ of Tamilnadu, Chinar is contiguous with the Indiragandhi WLS of Tamilnadu, through Anamalai.  There are discontinuity in many areas due to pressure on land from both Tamilnadu and Kerala .  Eravikulam National park , the last refuge of the Nilgiri Tahr is on the way to Chinnar  WLS from Munnar,. Located a