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Ride the waves of Nazare beach at Portugal
 Nazare,a typical fishing town in Portugal is known for its grandeur long sandy half-moon shaped beach and the town’s sea front. Nowadays it feels like a busy summer resort, where side by side with the crowds of  tourists  all over the streets of the town of  fish-sellers. The Sítio district, the  town's  highest point (accessible by a funicular), is the best viewpoint in the area. As legend says  it is also associated with the cult of Our Lady
Turn off and tune in to nature in New Zealand
In the US, the National Day of Unplugging takes place in early March (1-2 March 2019) but that should apply around the world and, in New Zealand, any day or week of the year is good. So, turn off your mobile roaming and immerse yourself in perfect silence at one of these spectacular off-the-grid locales. The most comfortable way to be fully immersed in nature, a PurePod is pretty special and pretty much unique to New Zealand at this stage. The “pods” are made entirely from glass, an
Romance in Israel
 An ideal honeymoon destination is an amalgamation of relaxation coupled with light hearted adventure and Israel offers a perfect mix of both. Being a dynamic country, it is full of rich, illustrious history, tourist friendly offerings like beautiful beaches, thriving nightlife, crystal clear waters, picturesque mountains, nature reserve oases and stunning coral reefs. With terrain that ranges from snow-capped mountains and vast desert to lush valleys and 273 kms of pristine coastline, here