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Mussoorie to celebrate Togetherness
A recent survey shows that being together as a family was rated as one of the most important motivations to travel and more than half (58%) of travellers  find, that going on holiday with their families is one of the activities that evokes and creates the fondest of memories. Mussoorie certainly tops the wishlist when planning family vacations. It’s atmosphere and overall  aesthetic  sends a vibe of togetherness.  Breath-taking views of the Garhwal Himalayas, Gu
Wheelchair Users prefer Goa and Kerala for its Accessibility
A survey conducted by Enable Travel displays the travel interests, decision-making process and areas of concern faced by people with disabilities, at the same time offers an insight to various tourism stakeholders to consider their interests in travelling and involve them as part of tourism activities. The survey spoke to 90 people with disabilities across Wheelchair Users (30), Deaf (30) and Blind (30), from Mumbai and Delhi. Key factors highlight that people with disabilities have a
Who, What, Where and Why of Souvenir-Buying
With over 1 billion tourists traversing the globe every year, the survey results, which are showcased in info graphic, takes a closer look at the multi-million dollar souvenir industry, discovering the latest trends in souvenir buying behaviour across the Asia, Middle East and Africa (AMEA) region. The Value of Souvenirs info graphic reveals travellers’ motivations behind souvenir buying, their preferred souvenir buying haunts and gift preference.According to the second set of findings from th