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17.9% Growth in Foreign Exchange Earnings
Ministry of Tourism estimates 17.9% Growth in Foreign Exchange Earnings in tourism based on the credit data of Travel Head from Balance of Payments of RBI,FEEs during the month of March 2018 were Rs.17, 294 crore as compared to    Rs. 14, 667 crore in March 2017 and Rs. 12, 985 crore in March 2016. The growth rate in FEEs in rupee terms in March 2018 over March 2017 was 17.9%, compared to the growth of 13.0% in March 2017 over March 2016. FEEs during the period January- March 2018 were
Kerala Records Significant Rise of 10.94% in Tourist Arrivals
 The year 2017 recorded the highest number of tourism arrivals in the past nine-year period, with a 10.94 % rise compared with the figures of last year. An increase of 15.54 lakh new tourists- domestic and foreign travelers combined - was recorded this year, with footfalls going up to 1,57,65,390 in 2017, as against 1,42,10,954 in 2016.The year 2017 also recorded the highest number of domestic tourist arrivals in the past nine-year period, with the number posting an 11.39 percent rise compa
Foreign Tourists visiting India during Peak and Non-Peak Seasons
With the intention of increasing foreign tourist arrivals to the country, the Ministry of Tourism under the “Incredible India” brand-line, promotes various tourism destinations and products of India. These promotional activities are being undertaken by the 14 India Tourism Offices based in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris, Milan, Dubai, Johannesburg, Sydney, Beijing, Singapore and Tokyo. Apart from these promotional activities, the Government has t