A jungle Experience in turn a habitat

For a business meeting, the organisers proposed Klov an upcoming Jungle Resort in the Wayanadan forest Thirunelli, and send to me a flight ticket to Kannur International Airport, Kerala’s new addition to its air travel routes. They promise me that a 2-hour interesting drive from the airport towards the resort through typical Kerala countryside and then half an hour uphill drive in the Wayanadan Ghat roads to this resort will be exciting. Yes, it was.   

Klov is a blessed, peaceful, and cozy jungle resort for those who are looking for a little luxury during a forest stay. Surrounded by River Kalindi (not the North Indian Yamuna which is also called Kalindi), which originated from the mighty Bhramagiri mountains a peep away, and an elephant passage on the other side.

The resort is well layout with an earth concept and build with mud buildings designed by noted architect Tony Joseph. My two days of stay in the resort was a much-needed break for me, even though I came to attend a business discussion. Our business discussions went on late in the night and had a background score of Kalindi River’s water symphony and occasional trumpets of Elephant crossing one mountain to another.

Chef Biju Monian is a well-experienced chef who also knows how to handle a vegetarian like me with exciting dishes. While having breakfast in the restaurant I was fortunate enough to witness an interesting acrobat training programme of a giant squirrel family. Pappa giant squirrel sitting in one tree and Mamma giant squirrel sitting in another and encouraging the baby squirrel to perfect his art of jumping and tree crossing was an interesting episode. According to General Manager Renjith Jacob, the Pappa and Mamma Squirrels are frequenters, and for my luck that was the day, they scheduled for the training of their baby.

Those who visit the resort for trekking or exploring the forest fauna and flora can sleep at night with the lullaby of the Kalindi River and if you’re lucky you can go to bed after watching a tusker or a herd crossing the elephant passage from your room balcony.

A visit to Dwaparayuga Thirunelli Maha Vishnu temple will complete your blessings. My recommendation to families is to take their children to this safe jungle resort teach them about biodiversity, flora, and fauna, and take a safe forest trekking with expert tribal guides who now work at a resort.

I had a chat with inhouse guide Byju, a tribal youth who stay in a settlement some 2 kilometers away about the interesting places to visit and how he ensures safety. He said he is the son of the forest. By smell and feel of the place, he can foresee the surprise visitor/s to his guests and keep them safe and give them a delightful lifetime forest experience.

Presently the resort has 22 poolside garden rooms, 4 Kalindi cottages, and a well-served multi-cuisine restaurant ready to serve the guests. Another 12 more river view rooms will be ready for occupancy in 6 months. Every room has Wi-Fi, a tea/coffee maker, an electronic safe, a swimming pool, and a kid’s pool. No rooms are fitted with a television which could spoil your attention to the finesse of the details of jungle life. The wellness spa in the resort is called the Padma.

The resort packages include trekking, wildlife safari, wellness spa, local community visit, and bird watching. The resort can be reached from Kannur and Kozhikode which are the major air, and rail connections with an approximate two and a half hour road drive.   

by Ram Kamal Manoj  

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