Hotelogix and KePSLA Collaborate to Elevate Hotel Guest Feedback Management

Hotelogix, a leading global provider of cloud-based hospitality technology, has announced a strategic integration of its Hotel Property Management System (PMS) with KePSLA, an online reputation management platform. This partnership aims to revolutionize the way hotels collect, manage, and utilize guest feedback, ultimately enhancing reputation, driving sales, and maximizing revenue.

Based in Bangalore, KePSLA leverages predictive analytics to provide hotels with deep insights into guest needs, enabling them to tailor unique product offerings. With over 4000 customers in more than 50 countries, including NASDAQ-listed hospitality brands, KePSLA has witnessed significant growth in ratings and Average Daily Rates (ADR) within four months.

The integration will streamline the guest feedback process, with Hotelogix’s PMS automatically notifying KePSLA of all guest actions, from booking to check-out. Subsequently, KePSLA will send guest communications via email, WhatsApp, or SMS, triggered by the hotel, and upon completion, the feedback will be displayed on KePSLA’s dashboard in real time. This solution enables hotels to aggregate guest feedback in a centralized location, facilitating effective monitoring, management, and response to reviews and ratings.

Mr. Aditya Sanghi, CEO of Hotelogix, emphasized the importance of proactive guest feedback management in the hospitality industry, stating, “Our partnership with KePSLA addresses a critical need for hotels to automate the collection and analysis of guest reviews. By identifying areas for improvement, hotels can exceed guest expectations, leading to improved brand reputation and increased revenue.”

KePSLA’s AI and ML-powered guest intelligence system provides hotels with comprehensive insights into guest sentiment, allowing them to identify strengths, areas for improvement, and competitive analysis. Real-time review monitoring and notification features enable prompt responses to feedback, leveraging positive reviews for marketing purposes while effectively managing negative comments. Additionally, hotels can showcase positive surveys on their websites and share them on social media platforms to boost their online reputation.

Mr. Vibhas Prasad, Director of Leisure Hotels Group, hailed the collaboration between Hotelogix and KePSLA, stating, “This strategic collaboration empowers hotels to efficiently collect, manage, and leverage guest feedback, ultimately enhancing reputation, sales, and revenue. The centralized solution enables hotels to monitor, manage, and respond to guest reviews and ratings.”

Mr Deepak Mavinkurve, Founder & CEO of KePSLA, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, “We are excited to integrate our Feedback Management System (FMS) with Hotelogix’s robust Hotel PMS. Together, we will empower hotels to listen to and engage with their guests across their journey, fostering positive guest experiences and enhancing reputation.”

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