Princy World Travels Joins Forces with SRMPR Group for Bharat Gaurav Tour Series

In a strategic alliance aimed at bolstering India’s leisure, tourism, and hospitality sectors, Kochi-based Princy World Travel Pvt Limited has partnered with Chennai’s renowned SRMPR Group to promote the latter’s series of group tours aboard state-of-the-art trains from Kerala to Goa, Mumbai, and Ayodhya within the next 45 days.

During a recent announcement in Kochi, Managing Director of Princy World Travel, E X Baby Thomas, expressed pride in the collaboration, emphasizing the inaugural Bharat Gaurav tour from Kerala to Goa. Thomas anticipated an exhilarating experience for travellers amidst the scenic destinations along India’s western coast. He further highlighted the exceptional experiences awaiting participants in upcoming tours to Mumbai and Ayodhya.

Launching of Kerala’s Inaugural Private Train Tour Packages by E.X. Baby Thomas, Managing Director of Princy World Travel Pvt. Ltd., during a press conference in Kochi. Dr Devika Menon, Director of Princy World Travels, and Miju C. Moidu, Partner of Princy Rail Tour, stand nearby.

Present at the briefing were Princy Travel officials Director Devika Menon and Princy Rail Tours Partner Miju C Moidu, underscoring the significance of the partnership.

Crafted under Indian Railways’ Bharat Gaurav program, the meticulously designed tour packages offer unparalleled opportunities for travel enthusiasts to explore leisure, commercial, and pilgrimage destinations, stated company officials.

Princy World Travel Limited, a prominent name in Kerala’s travel and tourism landscape with a commendable track record spanning over five and a half decades since its inception in 1969, has facilitated travel to over 25 international destinations, including the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and various Far East countries.

The first tour of the Bharat Gaurav series, a four-day round package from Thiruvananthapuram to Madgaon and back, is scheduled for June 4th. The tour offers safety support from well-trained paramedical staff, round-the-clock emergency response teams, and complimentary travel insurance throughout the journey. Additionally, the tourist train is equipped with GPS tracking systems, live CCTV, premium dining options, customized bedding, and onboard food trolleys, among other amenities.

Upon reaching Goa, tourists will enjoy two nights of accommodation in premium hotels and a city tour of Madgaon, covering its prime locations. Visitors will have ample leisure time for activities such as casino visits, boat cruises, and DJ gatherings with unlimited food and beverages.

Following the Goa tour, SRMPR Group, in collaboration with Prince World Travel, will embark on a four-day trip from Thiruvananthapuram to Mumbai, followed by an eight-day tour covering Ayodhya, Varanasi, and Prayagraj.

Interested passengers can make inquiries and bookings round the clock at 8089021114, 8089031114, and 8089041114.

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