Shoot the Rain Soccer Tournament 2024 Kicks Off on July 6 in Kalamassery, Kerala

The highly anticipated 17th edition of the “Shoot the Rain” Soccer Tournament 2024, organized by the Tourism Professional Club Kochi to promote monsoon tourism in Kerala, is set to kick off on July 6 at St. Joseph’s Sports Dome in Kalamassery. The two-day event will feature 26 teams competing in a knockout format, culminating in the final match at 4 PM on July 7.

Mr. Shaik Ismail will serve as the General Convenor of the tournament, with Mr. K. A. Francis heading the Technical Committee. “We expect this tournament to be as exciting as last season, and several new hotels have expressed interest in participating,” said Mrs Remya Sreejith, Secretary of TPC.

“This year, the matches will be played on turf for the first time in STR history,” added Mr Vinesh Vidya, President of TPC. Reigning champions Gokulam Hotels will defend their title, heightening anticipation over who will claim the coveted trophy this year.

“SHOOT THE RAIN” has consistently been the premier event for tourism stakeholders in Kerala to come together, enjoy, and engage with one another. This year, the new venue at St. Joseph’s Sports Dome in Kalamassery promises to offer an even better experience. The importance of such gatherings cannot be overstated. In our often stressful business lives, creating and seizing opportunities for networking and relaxation is essential. It’s a time to step away from the daily grind, foster relationships, and share insights in a more relaxed and enjoyable setting.

Mark your calendars for July 6 and 7, 2024, and witness the largest gathering of Kerala tourism stakeholders at St. Joseph’s Sports Dome, Kalamassery, near Kochi International Airport in Kerala. It’s an event not to be missed – a blend of fun, interaction, and celebration.

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