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Maharashtra offers trekking laced in rich history
Recently a huge community  have come together to share their love for Trekking  and this alternative sport  is gaining fast popularity, Trekkers have their love for the sport divided by the kinds of terrains and places they choose as their tracks. Places of nothing-but-nature are one of the top choices to trek by a lot of people, closely followed by the love of trekking to a historical place or route.Trekking to a place that has some bit of history attached to it often gives some
Kerala hosts first World Kayaking Championship
A high-octane event World Kayaking Championship is being organized by the District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC) Kozhikode under the aegis of Tourism Department of Kerala. in connection with 6th edition of Malabar River Festival (MRF)which is to be  held at Thusharagiri from July 18 to 22 in Kozhikode .  25 teams from around the world will participate in the event..Olympians, world champions and top athletes of the Indian kayaking community will display their dexterous paddling expe
women bikers return home
 The Women Motorcycle Expedition  called ‘Road to Mekong’ by four women bikers Jai Bharathi, A S D Shanthi, Piya Bahadur and Shilpa Balakrishnan started their journey  on February 11  with an objective to promote Tourism and Road trip which was supported by Ministry of Tourism Government of India were returned to Hyderabad after 17,000 km journey across India and parts of South East Asia. The members of the expedition during their journey in India covered the states