Empowering Women Through Transformative Travel: Let’s Go Camp’s Vision for Inclusive Adventure

Let’s Go Camp is a pioneering initiative founded by Geethu Mohandas in 2015, aiming to revolutionize the travel industry, particularly for women. Based in South India, Let’s Go Camp offers unique travel experiences, focusing on adventure, empowerment, and sustainability. The organization curates meticulously planned itineraries that allow travelers to explore offbeat destinations, engage in outdoor activities like trekking and paragliding, and immerse themselves in local cultures. Let’s Go Camp is committed to promoting women’s empowerment through travel, encouraging women of all ages to step out of their comfort zones, build confidence, and discover their inner strength. With a strong emphasis on sustainability, Let’s Go Camp implements eco-friendly practices, supports local communities, and fosters responsible tourism. Through its transformative experiences, Let’s Go Camp has made a significant impact, inspiring women to embrace adventure, independence, and personal growth.

As part of the International Women’s Day 2024 celebration, Geethu Mohandas, the visionary Founder of Let’s Go Camp, engaged in an enriching dialogue with the Tourism India editorial team, centered around the theme of the year. The insightful exchange shed light on Geethu’s remarkable journey and her profound contributions to the travel industry. Through their conversation, Geethu shared invaluable insights and reflections, offering a glimpse into her entrepreneurial endeavors and the ethos driving Let’s Go Camp’s transformative initiatives

How has being a woman influenced your journey as an entrepreneur in the tourism industry?

My gender has profoundly shaped my entrepreneurial journey in the tourism sector. While gender should not be a limiting factor, being a woman in this field has led me to approach business with empathy, understanding, and a focus on creating meaningful experiences. The tourism industry thrives on hospitality and service, areas where women often excel. My passion for travel and dedication to providing exceptional service have been key drivers of my success. Additionally, my technical background has enabled me to leverage technology effectively, enhancing the efficiency and innovation of my business operations.

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind Let’s Go Camp and how the organization came to be?

Let’s Go For a Camp was born from a deep-seated love for travel and a desire to redefine the traditional travel agency model. Dissatisfied with the narrow focus of many agencies on sightseeing alone, we set out to create an organization centered around crafting immersive and meaningful travel experiences. Our inspiration stems from our belief in the transformative power of travel and the desire to share our passion for exploration with others. Our aim is to build a community of travelers who connect not only with each other but also with the world around them, fostering personal growth and enriching experiences.

What motivated you to focus specifically on women’s-only travel and empowerment through travel?

The motivation to focus on women’s-only travel and empowerment emerged from a recognition of the unique challenges faced by women and girls in accessing and enjoying travel experiences. As a woman myself, I observed firsthand the societal barriers and cultural norms that often limit women’s freedom and confidence in exploring the world. This realization inspired me to create a space where women could feel safe, supported, and empowered to embark on their own travel journeys. Through Let’s Go For a Camp, we seek to provide women with the tools, resources, and community they need to overcome these obstacles and embrace the transformative power of travel.

How does Let’s Go Camp identify and select unexplored destinations for its travel initiatives?

Let’s Go For a Camp approaches destination selection with a spirit of exploration and discovery. We prioritize understanding the unique characteristics and cultural richness of each location, seeking out hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path destinations. Our process involves thorough research, direct engagement with local communities, and a commitment to sustainable and responsible tourism practices. By immersing ourselves in the stories, traditions, and natural beauty of each destination, we are able to curate authentic and unforgettable travel experiences for our guests.

Can you share examples of sustainable tourism practices that Let’s Go Camp implements in its operations?

Let’s Go For a Camp is committed to promoting sustainable tourism practices that minimize environmental impact, support local communities, and preserve cultural heritage. Some of the initiatives we implement include reducing plastic waste through the use of eco-friendly alternatives, encouraging guests to carry reusable water bottles, promoting menstrual cups to reduce waste, hiring local guides to support the local economy and provide authentic experiences, collaborating with forest departments for conservation efforts, donating books to tribal libraries, and supporting communities in times of need, such as providing blankets during natural disasters. These practices not only contribute to environmental conservation but also foster positive social and economic outcomes for local communities.

What types of adventure trips and activities does Let’s Go Camp offer to women, and how do these experiences contribute to empowerment and personal growth?

Let’s Go For a Camp offers a diverse range of adventure trips and activities designed to inspire and empower women while fostering personal growth and self-discovery. From paragliding in Nepal to trekking in the Himalayas, our experiences are carefully crafted to challenge and exhilarate participants, encouraging them to step out of their comfort zones and embrace new experiences. These activities provide opportunities for women to overcome fears, build confidence, and develop resilience, ultimately empowering them to take on new challenges in their lives. By creating a supportive and inclusive environment, we aim to facilitate transformative experiences that leave a lasting impact on our participants.

How do you ensure the safety and security of women travelers, especially when exploring remote locations or participating in outdoor activities?

Let’s Go For a Camp places the safety and security of women travelers as our top priority. We implement a range of measures to ensure their well-being, particularly when exploring remote locations or engaging in outdoor activities. These measures include conducting thorough risk assessments and selecting reputable local partners and guides, providing comprehensive pre-trip information and guidelines, establishing clear communication channels for emergencies, and maintaining a supportive and inclusive group dynamic. Our experienced team members are trained to respond effectively to any challenges or emergencies that may arise, prioritizing the safety and comfort of our guests at all times.

What role do local communities play in Let’s Go Camp’s initiatives, particularly in remote or scenic locations?

Local communities are integral partners in Let’s Go For a Camp’s initiatives, particularly in remote or scenic locations. We recognize the importance of engaging and collaborating with local communities to ensure the success and sustainability of our initiatives. Local community members serve as guides, hosts, and ambassadors for their respective destinations, sharing their knowledge, culture, and hospitality with our guests. By involving local communities in our initiatives, we not only support economic development and cultural preservation but also foster meaningful connections and experiences for our travelers. We are committed to building mutually beneficial relationships with local communities based on respect, reciprocity, and shared values.

Can you discuss the impact that Let’s Go Camp has had on women of all ages who have participated in its programs?

Since its inception, Let’s Go For a Camp has had a profound impact on women of all ages who have participated in its programs. Through our immersive and empowering travel experiences, women have been able to break free from societal constraints, overcome personal challenges, and discover their full potential. Our programs have inspired confidence, fostered resilience, and encouraged personal growth and self-discovery. Participants have returned from our trips with a renewed sense of purpose, a deeper appreciation for the world around them, and a newfound sense of empowerment. By providing women with the tools, resources, and support they need to explore the world on their own terms, Let’s Go For a Camp has helped countless women transform their lives and realize their dreams.

What challenges have you encountered in running a women-led Community Tourism Organization, and how have you overcome them?

Running a women-led Community Tourism Organization has presented its share of challenges, from navigating societal expectations and cultural norms to overcoming logistical and operational obstacles. One of the primary challenges we have faced is overcoming gender stereotypes and biases that limit women’s participation and leadership in the tourism industry. Additionally, operating in remote or scenic locations has posed logistical challenges such as transportation, accommodation, and communication. However, we have overcome these challenges by fostering a supportive and inclusive organizational culture, building strong partnerships with local communities and stakeholders, and leveraging technology and innovation to streamline operations and enhance the guest experience. Through perseverance, creativity, and collaboration, we have been able to overcome these challenges and continue to grow and thrive as a women-led Community Tourism Organization.

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