From a secluded and undiscovered spot in the Indian Ocean to a thriving hub of world-class hospitality, the Maldives has undergone a remarkable transformation. Celebrating its 50th anniversary, Furanafushi Island, home to Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa, serves as a testament to this evolution and the commitment to preserving natural elements and fostering local community growth.

Reflecting on the Evolution of the Island

Introduced to the world as a travel destination in the early 1970s, the Maldivian archipelago has evolved into a synonym for barefoot luxury, secluded retreats, and breathtaking scenery. Furanafushi, once a picnic destination for Malé residents, transformed into a resort known as Australia Island, marketed as the ‘Found! A Lost Paradise.’ In December 1973, Sheraton Maldives, originally named Furana, became the fifth resort in the entire archipelago, setting a commitment to enhancing the guest experience.

Under the management of Wayne Reid in April 1976, Furanafushi witnessed an influx of investment and expansion. The early days of Sheraton Maldives Resort & Spa are a testament to the island’s growth, shaping the Maldives into a coveted travel destination.

Recognizing Our Role

As a leader in global hospitality, Sheraton Maldives has a responsibility to positively impact the community and preserve the island’s natural elements. Initiatives like school invitations provide students insights into the hospitality industry, aligning with career aspirations and sustainability commitments. The resort also hosts organizations during Ramadan, fostering a sense of community.

To protect the island’s surroundings, Sheraton Maldives implements sustainable initiatives like the Adopt A Coral program and a water bottling plant to reduce plastic waste. The resort remains dedicated to maintaining its heritage and preserving the history of Furanafushi.

Staying Ahead of the Hospitality Curve

Sheraton Maldives continues to lead in sustainability, adopting innovative practices to minimize its environmental impact. The resort utilizes AI-powered cameras, adaptive Air Conditioning Systems, and on-site gardens for food production. Future plans include a biogas plant and a chicken farm to further enhance sustainability efforts.

A Look at the Next 50 Years

Furanafushi’s 50 years have shaped its global attraction, impact on the local community, and position among neighboring islands. Sheraton Maldives stands as a beacon of authentic Maldivian hospitality, inviting guests to join its journey of tropical transformation while honoring the island’s history and culture. As the resort looks forward to the next 50 years, it remains committed to preserving the island’s original beauty and discovering new ways to share true paradise.

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