Turkiye Gears Up for the 27th EMITT Tourism Exhibition

The 27th edition of the East Mediterranean International Tourism & Travel Exhibition (EMITT) is set to take place from February 6 to 9, 2024, at the TUYAP Fair & Convention Centre in Istanbul, Turkiye. EMITT is among the world’s top five tourism exhibitions, consistently attracting a diverse crowd of industry professionals and travelers looking for fresh travel opportunities. This renowned event has been instrumental in linking the Turkish tourism sector with the global stage for the past 26 years.

EMITT acts as a pivotal bridge between the tourism industry and the world, allowing various vacation destinations, cities, and even villages to gain recognition and connect with both domestic and international tourists. It serves as a platform offering exhibitors and visitors numerous business and collaboration prospects. Each year, the event draws an array of participants, including countries, holiday destinations, summer and winter tourism locales, hotels, tourist facilities, tour operators, and travel agencies.

In its previous installment, the 26th EMITT Tourism Exhibition, the event hosted 28,815 visitors and welcomed nearly 600 exhibitors from 95 different countries. It also featured the “Hosted Tour Operator” program, which brought together over 150 hosted tour operators from 40 countries, including significant nations like France, Tunisia, Canada, Bulgaria, Spain, England, Switzerland, Iran, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Singapore, and Azerbaijan.

For the upcoming edition, the exhibition is dedicated to enhancing its contribution to the national economy. Last year, EMITT facilitated a business volume worth 500 million Euros, showcasing its significant role in promoting the growth and diversification of Turkish tourism. Each year, it elevates Turkiye’s touristic allure by attracting thousands of tourists and industry professionals.

Hacer Aydın, the Director of the EMITT Exhibition, emphasized the event’s substantial contributions to Turkiye’s economy, tourism sector, and global branding. Aydın stated, “In the EMITT Exhibition, we focused on providing solutions by sharing our insights into the tourism industry for 2023 and beyond. We hosted a total of 28,815 visitors, nearly 600 exhibitors, and 5 international influencers from 95 countries. EMITT provided all exhibitors with the opportunity to meet over 150 hosted tour operators from 40 countries by making pre-scheduled appointments using the B2B appointment system.”

Looking ahead to 2024, EMITT aims to diversify tourism throughout the year and expand it across the country. The focus will be on promoting alternative tourism products and targeting high-income groups from emerging markets, as well as more distant markets like the United States and the Far East. This approach is expected to extend the tourism season to 12 months, thereby increasing the scale, occupancy rates, profitability, and competitiveness of the sector.

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